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Koh Chang

06 Dic Koh Chang, paradise in Thailand!

Hello again to all the bloggers and readers around the world!! Before telling you about Koh Chang, I will tell you how was I getting there, not even knowing about this fantastic island.

I left Kanchanaburi to Chanthaburi as I was supposed to be volunteering in a resort for 2 weeks. For those who want to travel this route, you have to take a minivan from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok, either Mo Chit or Ekamai. Once there you have to take another bus to Canthanaburi. I was leaving at 7hin the morning to arrive around 17h, so take it easy 🙂 That’s the way it is in Thailand!

So back at the story, I arrived in the Resort, after all this bus experience and a taxi, that was even more expensive that the two buses. As I arrived late at night couldn’t see so much. The room was really ok, so I was happy. The only thing I was not happy about, was that the owner, the person I have talked about everything before arriving there, was not in the resort, ans she just let me know when I was on my way. But well, she said I was going to be well attended for one of her managers in the resort.

So that day I had dinner on my own, I wasn’t introduce to any of the other staff in the resort and neither I had the chance to share dinner with them. Such a pity as I was willing to share with them, but I asked and they said I should seat in a different area.

So after that I went to the room, early sleep as I was getting up at 6h to work 5h. The next day again I had all my meals alone, even I asked again to join them, I wasn’t introduce to any other staff member and I was working 5h in a row in the garden, and nobody even come near me to ask if everything was ok, or to say lets go a for a 10min break or similar. So the situation was, me willing to share experiences and know about Thai life, them using me as a cheap worker. I was feeling really bad, like abandoned, so I decided it was not my place and I had to change things.

So at the afternoon, as I was free I started to look for a beach that was near there… I was not going to cross all Thailand to get to the famous Krabi or Phuket. And for sure I needed a dose of beach life, you know I’m a beach person 🙂

So when I started looking into the internet, there where 2 options near, Koh Samet and Koh Chang. Koh Samet looked really nice, but it was more difficult to get there and more expensive. So I decided to go to Koh Chang.

Some days later, I have to tell you that this was a great decision!! I enjoyed a lot in Koh Chang, relaxing, meeting nice people and doing a couple of excursions.

Koh Chang

So from Chanthaburi there it was easy to arrived. I left the resort at 7h, and by 11h I was already in Pajamas hostel, the best I’ve been for the moment, was not cheap though to be a hostel.

I just had to take a minivan to Trat, that’s the town near the pier to get the ferry, the same driver stopped before the bus station so I cloud take a taxi to the pier saving some time. The taxi was 180B with the ferry ticket included. The ferry ticket itself is 80B. So once I got to the pier, the ferry was there and 30 minutes later I was in Koh Chang. There in the pier are several taxis, they get them full at least with 7 people and they drive you to the hostel. And there I was, in paradise!!! For 9 whole days I was going to be in paradise!!

The first day I went to walk around the beach, had some sun, nice swimming, although it was not refreshing, as the water in Thailand gulf is too warm to refresh.

This same day in the hostel I met a Spanish girl, Ruth and we share that afternoon and the next morning as she was leaving early in the afternoon. Do not miss the sunset in Koh Chang, we saw it from Chai Chet beach and was wonderful. The net day in the morning we had time for a massage and some beach time before lunch!

Koh ChangKoh Chang

The next day, during breakfast I met 2 more girls from Spain. Paula, she was leaving to another island that same morning, so we only share the breakfast, but it was a nice breakfast together. And Lourdes, we spent some more days together, walking around, being in the beach, going for kayaking… by the way, she was my teacher as it was my first time kayaking and we manage super! We had really nice chats, about everything, our life till now, our dreams for the present and future, we had nice moments laughing… it was great to share some days together. She is gone to Sri Lanka now, and I’m sure she will enjoy it a lot!

What to do in Koh Chang:

  • Massage next to the beach: we were told about a place near the beach where the massages where better than in other places around. Also 100B more expensive but it’s worth the difference. It is in Chai Chet beach, in the north side of the beach, easy to sea.
  • Small trekking in Chai Chet beach, where you can go to the north area, climb some rocks and see the views. There you can also go on the Jungle Trek, is not even 3km in total so it is easy to do. On the way, you will find a 300 year old tree. To go there, you only have to find the sing for Chai Chet resort and follow it, follow the path into the bungalows and explore there the area, you will find nice spots to enjoy the view.


Koh ChangKoh Chang

Koh ChangKoh Chang

  • Enjoy the view during the sunset, and you can have a nice fruit shake meanwhile. Just these small pleasures in life make the differences.
  • Full day trip to Koh Wai island for snorkeling and to lay on the beach. It is a very small island, I hour from Koh Chang in the wood boat, it has clear water, nice fishes to see and it is not crowded. Even if you walk 10 minutes away from the main beach, you reach a really small beach where you can be alone.


Koh Chang Koh WaiKoh Chang Koh Wai

Koh Chang Koh WaiKoh Chang Koh Wai

  • You can hire a Kayak for 100B per hour. We went to Kai Bee beach to do the kayak as there are some small reachable islands, it was like 20 – 30 minutes kayaking. There you can stay in the beach for a while or go to the other ones.
  • The island has plenty of thing to offer like ATV, trekking to some waterfalls, full day trip to 4or 5 different island to snorkel.

So I had a wonderful days in Koh Chang, a island that is not as known as the rest in Thailand but that has a lot to offer, and where you can find peace, nice people, nice food, nature, and beauty all around. Check out the fantastic hostel I stayed in here.

Have a lovely day and enjoy your view!

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