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Sangkhlaburi Mon Bridge

03 Dic Sangkhlaburi

So the next day arrived, and the alarm clock woke me up. I was really exited to go to Sangkhlaburi, I had read about it and seemed really interesting.

The town of Sangkhlaburi is in the border with Myanmar. It is situated at the edge of Vajiralongkorn Lake. It is a place where there are not that many tourist still, and most os them are local tourists going there for the weekend.

So I went to the bus stop to take the bus at 7h. I went a bit earlier, as I had to buy the ticket, I asked the day before, but they don’t sell them in advance.

This time the journey was going to be in one of the old style buses from Thailand, not the most comfortable ones, and with no air con, but still was ok. I paid for the bus 130B (3.25€ for a trip of 4h).
So as this is Thailand, the bus left like half an hour late, I was really waiting for the bus to start going, I wanted to sleep for a bit 🙂

The way with the bus is really a beautiful road, although it has some curves here and there, you can feel the fresh air of being in the mountain, and see all the nature and mountains around. When we had done half of the way, the bus stopped in a town and we had to change bus, but unfortunately it was no a better one. During the las hour of the trip, it is possible to see the lake, and the road its harder, it goes up and has some more curves.

Once in Sangkhlaburi, the bus leaves you in the bus station, it is at the end of the main road, like 20 minutes walk to the Mon Bridge. For me it was really ok, as I had the hostel just in front of the bus station. So I arrived almost at noon, so I went to the hostel for the check in and for a nice brunch around the hostel. Check out the nice hostel I was in here.

Later in the afternoon I went to the Mon Bridge walking, it was a 20 minutes walk on the main street. It was a nice walk, as the atmosphere was like a little town, you can feel there is no rush like in cities, or not as much noise.

Once there, it is beautiful, you can see the lake, and this huge bridge, made all of it of wood. You can take a walk to the other side, where there are some shops. And on your way to they other side, you can watch the local children playing on the water, or local people in their day labors next to the lake.

Sangkhlaburi Mon BridgeSangkhlaburi Mon BridgeSangkhlaburi Mon BridgeSangkhlaburi Mon Bridge

The Mon bridge is Thailand’s longest wooden bridge and the second longest in the world measuring 455 meters long and it was handmade constructed in the 1980’s, for comfortable transportation of people living in Sangkhlaburi and Mon Villagers. Nowadays the bridge is closed for vehicles but you can still walk over the wooden bridge. It is a nice place to see either the sunset or the sun rise.

So that afternoon I stayed there, walked the bridge from one side to the other, and later I had a nice Thai Tea on the bar next to the bridge, I was really enjoying the view.

Later for dinner, I went to the small stands on the street behind the hostel, and I tried one typical noddle dish from Myanmar, it was nice food 🙂

It was time to go to bed early, next day I woke up at 5h to go to the Mon Bridge before 6h. I wanted to see all the donations that the local people gives to the monks and the sun rise. I was not lucky to see the sun rise as it was very foggy, but still it was curious to see how people gives the donations to the monks. They give them the food and later they pray together with the monk.

Sangkhlaburi Mon BridgeSangkhlaburi Mon Bridge

After that I went back to the hostel for a nice breakfast and I walk around the town for a couple of hours as the bus was leaving at 13h. This time I had a nice bus, with air con and comfortable for the return trip. I just arrived again in Kanchanaburi at dinner time, so I went directly to the hostel for dinner and sleep as the next day, again, I was waking up at 6h to take a bus to Bangkok to go to the south, but I will tell you about this in my next post!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the view!!

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