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27 Jul What else can you visit in Cambodia?

Well, after visiting Siem Reap with it’s gorgeous Ankor Wat, I asked myself the same question: What else can you visit in Cambodia?
After reading some blogs, I decided to visit Battambang, Kratie, Kept and Koh Rong.

So from Siem Reap I took a bus to Battanmbang, it takes around 4h to get there. Once there, I walked around the city as I read in many blogs that it was a nice colonial city. Well, I have to say that after being around for two hours, I decided to take a bus the next day to somewhere else, I didn’t like it at all. Nothing special, and furthermore, I got the worst hostel ever, Tomato Guest House. I ended up un this hostel, after asking in a Facebook group for recommendations. They deafeningly recommend something cheap, but it was also dirty, with a shower but not a sink for washing you hands or teeth, the dorm was quite big, but full of beds, at least there were 20 people sleeping there. When I arrived, there was a French man, totally naked on the first bed, all of us had to see him sleeping naked every time we were going in and out of the room…and if he was not sleeping he was smoking weed. So, all together, the next day I was taking the bus to Phnom Penh, the place where to take the bus to Kratie.

I had to sleep in Phnom Penh twice on my way to other destinations, and I have to say that I stayed in Dolphin Hostel, and it is a good choice if you have to go there. The food is quite nice, rooms and toilets are pretty clean and the staff is really helpful, they arrange the bus tickets for you very quick and with a pickup from the hotel.

Well the next day I took the bus to Kratie, I think it took us like 8h to get there, and well I ended up in a bad hostel, but there I met Ingrid, she had arrived before me and had time to check some other hostels in the city. So she told me to move the next day to another one, as it was quite late by the time. We move to a hostel with a Spanish owner. Is not the best hostel in the world, but is clean, the room is quite big and it has 8 beds, and still a lot of free space on it, and the toilet and shower are inside the room.

About Kratie I have to say that I liked it very much, we went to see the dolphins in the Mekong, it was a fantastic experience. Another day we went to Koh Trong Island, in the middle of the Mekong, where we rent a cow cart to take us around the island. I was really fun. The usual thing to do four tourist is to take a bike and ride around the island, but as we were a little bit original :). During our tour we saw a Cambodian wedding, and the cart driver was picking grapefruit for us all the time. And we also did some aerobics with the locals. They go every afternoon, at the sunset time, in front of the river ?


After Kratie, I was going to go to Kept, but talking with Ingrid, we decided to go to Banlung, in the north. She anted to do a two nights trekking, but once there we realize it was quite expensive, so we decide to visit some waterfalls, a lake and some local villages. The waterfalls were nice, but not amazing, and the day around the villages was interesting, but I would say that is too much time to get there only for the waterfalls, the lake and the villages. Banlung is famous for it’s trekking, so if you go for the trekking you can also do what we did, but don’t go just for what we did.


And after Banlung, Ingrid continued her trip to Laos and I did the same with mine to Kep, with a stop for one night in Phnom Penh.
Well, my trip was about to finish but I still didn’t Know. I arrived in Kep, to a nice hostel. I was going to go to Rabbit Island for a day trip, but all the days were cloudy, so I finally didn’t go. I spent the day riding the bike around Kep, the crab market and in the beach. It was a wonderful day.


Kep is a really small place, so I decided to leave the next day to Sihanoukville, to take the ship to Koh Rong to spend X-mas in a paradisiac island. But the night before leaving Kep I started to feel bad, and cold, so the next day, when I arrived in Sihanoukville, I took a privet room to rest, thinking that it was just a cold. But after some hours with 40 degrees fever, I decided to call the doctor, and the took me to the hospital. After a blood test they confirmed I had dengue fever, so I had to stay for 6 nights in the hospital, all the X-mas there.

Thanks to the insurance, I was in a privet hospital with a room for myself. The doctors and nurses were nice people, but they didn’t speak that much English. So during those days, I thought a lot, maybe too much, and I was getting weak, not only because of fever and not being hungry, but mentally weak as well, so at the end, I decided to come back to Spain, to be with the family and friends, and get checked by the doctors here.

So that was the end of this adventure for me, but I hope you get to visit all you want and can tell me about your experiences!! Enjoy travelling! ?

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