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Buatong Waterfall

19 Nov What to do in Chiang Mai (Part 2)

Welcome back to my blog! So the next two days I had to really think about what to do in Chiang Mai, as there are a lot of nice things to do 🙂

  • Buatong Waterfalls: I decided to spend one of the days going to this amazing place. It is not a touristic place for foreigners, but is very popular among the locals. They go usually during the weekend for a day out in nature.
    So if you are in Chiang Mai and want to get there by public transport, be aware that it takes time. First of all you should go to the bus station above the north gate, the local bus station. There you can ask to anybody and they will tell you where to buy the ticket to Buatong.
    You will go on a songthaew, the main way of public transport in Chiang Mai. And make sure they lady from the ticket office tells the driver to stop in Buatong.
    After one hour drive more or less, you will stop in the main road, next to a road that goes into the mountain. You have to take this road and walk for 3km until you get to the entrance of the park. The entrance is free, but you are not allowed to get drinks or food to the waterfall.
    I went on a Monday, and I saw a couple of places where you can buy drinks and something to eat, probably during the weekend there are more.
    The good thing about going on a Monday is that I was almost alone.
    The waterfalls are amazing, also know as sticky waterfalls because you can walk and climb on them and they are not slippery. Don’t be afraid and take of your shoes and enjoy this wonderful place, you won’t regret it!
    For the way back you have to walk again to the main road, 3km away, and wait there until you see a songthaew to stop. I as very lucky, as I had been waiting for almost an hour when a Chinese family stopped and asked me if I was going to the city. So they take me back to Chiang Mai, and it was a very pleasant drive. They are now living in Chiang Mai, they left China for a trip, leaving their jobs and their house and they liked Chiang Mai, so they decided to settle there four years ago. Now they have a wonderful child, almost 2 years old, really cute and sweet. I was really amazed with this family kindness, and I have to thank them for the trip once more!
  • Massage on the Women’s Correctional Institution: this is a training center, where women that are in prison learn to give massage for their future after prison. So at the same time you are enjoying a massage you are helping to the these women. I was there, and the place is really clean, nice, it smells like if you where in a spa, and the massage was gorgeous. The price is the same as in all Chiang Mai, 200B for 1h Thai Massage.
    If you want to go, make sure to go before noon, as they don’t take reservations and have a lot of demand, so it gets full quite quickly. When I went, was around noon and they gave me hour for 2 hours after, so I decided to stay there. They have a lovely garden where you can seat and have a drink or lunch and read a bit until the call your number.
  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. It is the most known temple at Chiang Rai. I finally didn’t as I had planned to go the las day, but I woke up a bit late and tired, so at the end, I decided to stay in town, walking around and going for the massage 🙂
    Back to the temple, it is in the top of a mountain, and if you want to go there you can go to the north gate, just in front of the 7/11 you will find a bus stop to go there. Or you can even stop a songthaew and ask for the fare to go there.
    Once you get there, to see the temple you have to go up 300 steps. So I would recommend you to go early in the morning, as it gets really warm in Chiang Mai.
    On the way back, you can stop in the waterfalls, that was actually my plan. But I will do it the next time I’m in Chiang Mai.
  • Huay Kaew waterfalls: I wanted to go there, as I read they are beautiful and close from the city. If any of you have been there, please leave your comment! They are on my list for the next time in Chiang Mai.
  • Chiang Mai Canyon: I haven’t read or heard about it until my last night in the city. I met a Dutch girl that was coming from Pai, to stay two nights. She had stop for a second time in the city because she wanted to go to the Canyon, it seems to be gorgeous. If any of you have been there, please leave your comment! It is also in my list for my next visit. I didn’t have time to check about it as I was leaving to Chiang Rai in the morning.
  • During those days I stayed in a very nice guest house that totally recommend. You can read about it in Wayside Guesthouse.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and it was helpful! If you have any question, do not doubt to leave your comment 🙂

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