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The adventure begins

07 Nov The adventure begins!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! I will shortly embark on a new adventure, it won’t be a normal trip, I hope it is a journey of knowledge and personal growth. I leave everything and I will be travelling to see the world. The adventure begins.

As you can imagine, the decision was not easy, and those who know me, know that I always think too much and sometimes fears overcome me.

I still remember that breakfast with a good friend, Cris, it was mid January. We met because I was on vacation, and a few months ago she had decided to leave everything and take a sabbatical. As always, we began to catch up, she told me about her adventures, her new hopes, her fears, her achievements, and meanwhile, I continued like the last year, I was not happy at work, I had no life because I was working more hours than I should, I did not feel recognized, I couldn’t see the people I love, I needed something more. At the time she told me, do you really want to have a year like the last one? Obviously the answer was: NO. So imagine what followed, between laughter and tears the decision was made, I had to make a change in my life, how and when I would think about it later. But at that moment, I felt inside me like freedom and happiness were a bit closer. Cris, thanks for that breakfast on 16 January, for the laughter, tears, hugs, and for making me feel stronger to fight for my happiness.

Nuestro desayuno

Then I started to think what to do with my life. I came to the conclusion that what I wanted most was to go outside Spain.

I started thinking about looking for job abroad, leaving without work seemed crazy to me. A few years earlier I had been in Seychelles and I had fallen in love with the place and its people, so I started sending CVs to Seychelles. But as it was sure I wanted to leave, I needed to expand the job search area, so I applied in some countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The idea was to leave in September, time to close the high season at work, and time for my colleagues to go on holidays, but life sometimes has another plan for us. After all the endless working days, weekends at the office, lack of organization and a colleague which made it very difficult to work every day, the last day came sooner than expected. The anxiety and stress overcome me and I stopped working at the end of June.

On that time I felt the need to recover myself to be again the cheerful girl who enjoys life, small moments and laughter with people who loves; also in that same moment I had received less than a few job offers or unconvincing onces. So I had to redesign the plan to the target. I decided to stop seeking work during August, and devote myself to enjoy, in September I would redesign.

September came and the idea of ​​going without work no longer seemed crazy. Why not give me a time to travel and enjoy my passion? So I started thinking about destinations, routes, and times. My mind went halfway around the world, the desire to know every corner of this world drove me crazy. After much reading and talking with others, I decided to Southeast Asia. A very affordable destination to travel for a long season, with spectacular places, a new culture to learn from and wonderful people for sure.

But I was getting scared to go alone. I was afraid of getting bored, would I be able to be alone with myself? Who will I talk to or share the experience with? Perhaps this has been the most difficult decision, the most difficult fear to overcome since I made the decision to leave everything. But I’ll live this adventure finally alone! Convinced that I will meet people on the way, people to share parts of the way, strong enough to talk to myself and give me a chance to grow, and I’m especially excited!!

I already have my ticket!! On November 10 I’m going to Bangkok, and the adventure begins. I will let you know how it goes on the blog.

I hope you follow me, to read your comments, questions and recommendations so I will for sure feel more accompanied.

I have to thank all my family and friends around me who helped me stay in the fight for my goal, with your questions, thoughts, hugs and words of encouragement. And especially thank to my mom, who suffers in silence because her child will be travelling the world alone, but rejoices the most because I will be living my dream!!

Thank you and thank you all, I love you very much and I will miss you all!!

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