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12 Nov Travel solo

If you are reading this, probably you are wondering if you should travel solo. And the question is why not?

It is normal to have a lot of fears at the beginning, but once you face them, you will feel much stronger to keep facing the next ones. To travel solo means to get lost and try to get directions for someone who does not speak your language, or sometime you will be afraid of going out at night alone or maybe you think you will get bored.

There is a solution for everything, to travel solo means to learn to speak with sings, even if you speak english maybe the other person doesn’t, if you are not sure about going out at night somewhere, don’t go, just enjoy the moment reading, or talking to other people staying in the same place as you, and for sure you won’t get bored, there’s a lot of people to talk to, a lot of friends to make on the way, so just ENJOY those moments.

On my first day as a solo traveler, I met a guy at Barcelona airport queuing to check in in the same flight. In that moment I was still with my mom that had taken me to the airport, but still the magic to travel solo was already there. He was going to Malaysia, where  had been this summer, and I was going to Thailand, where he had stayed some time before, we had a nice chat. And again before arriving at Bangkok, on the last flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok I met a girl from Berlin. We met in the business seat from the plane, we had both been upgraded, so we started talking about how luke we were. Once in Bangkok, we met again on the railway ticket machine, she had the guest house next to the hostel I was going, so once we get off the train, we shared a taxi to the hostel. Nice ride and nice chat with her too!

And another important thing to travel solo, probably I would say the most important, the people you leave in your hometown. They are the ones that give me the strength I need to be around the world by myself.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU, to all of you. The ones that once enter my life and are still there.Thanks for being next to me when I had to take decisions, when I had to cry, when I needed a hug, but more important, thank you to be there to share my happiness and to give me so much love! You are great!

For those I forgot to take a picture, please forgiveme, speceially Elena and Monica, you are always next to me!

And if you are still doubting, you can try a trip with WOM. You will feel the magic of traveling with people you don’tknow, and for sure you will enjoy, I DID!!

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